Impact Africa was launched in 2003 by Rich and Michelle Franzen who had a vision infused with more than 25 years of missions and community development. Over the course of 18+ years, Rich and Michelle Franzen facilitated thousands of individuals on local community projects throughout Africa. Both are graduates of Oral Roberts University and have enhanced their education through various leadership and missions training courses and events over the years. Michelle holds a BS degree in education with numerous years of teaching experience and Rich holds a BS degree in education and a minor in Counseling.

It was through their international travel that a yearning emerged in Rich and Michelle’s hearts for Africa, a plagued continent with 68% of the world’s HIV/AIDs population. As a result Impact Africa; a non-profit organization, was established. Impact Africa’s mission is to motivate, educate, disciple and provoke individuals toward a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ through socially relevant outlets of ministry service; which in turn deeply impact individuals, communities and nations. Furthermore, Impact Africa is a South African Section 21 company (Reg. No. 2004/035682/08) with an additional U.S. based office registered as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit.

We primarily work in the informal settlements, referred to as squatter camps, where more than 10 million South Africans take up residence that span the periphery of South Africa’s large cities. These squatter camps are impoverished dwellings made from scrap plywood, corrugated metal and sheets of plastic as well as they often do not have proper sanitation, electricity, or telephone services. It is in these areas were desperation overwhelms its residents, causing them to grasp at life with little to no hope. Unfortunately, it breeds the issues of AIDS, poverty, crime, substance and sexual abuse. Fortunately, it is in these most desperate areas where people are open and looking for something that leads to hope and ultimately to a better life.

In a country noted as a “Christian nation” lays deep pockets of people who will not hear the Word of God because their surroundings are too daunting for many to endure. It is in these areas where our heart beats the strongest: for the poverty stricken, the hurting, the most desperate, yes even if it means treading into communities where the conditions are deplorable! For how will they hear if no one is sent…

Since Impact Africa’s conception, fives areas of focus have emerged: Impact Kids Preschool, The Impact Baby Rescue, Impact Mission Adventures, Impact Students, and Impact Missionary Experience. These different branches of Impact Africa were all created to help those in the poorest communities and address South Africa’s most devastating issues.

Rich also presides on the board of Directors of the Co-Lab Foundation, the board of Impilo Chilren’s village and is the Vice President of Launch International. To find out more about these organizations please check out the links below: www.launchinternational.org