The Impact Africa Baby Rescue Center exists for the purpose of transforming the hopes and futures of desperate people in need. Specifically for young mothers and babies living within the squatter camps across Johannesburg. Each day in Johannesburg 3 babies are abandoned and left for dead. Here, the future is unknown and the present reality of poverty is overwhelming. This existence leaves newly pregnant mothers with a disillusioned view of the future and little hope of a better life for their children.

Prevention, Rescue, Life-Long Family Care

Impact Africa is committed to being an advocate that will intervene on behalf of these desperate young mothers and their precious babies in order to ensure the best future for their children, while rescuing and preventing babies from being abandoned.

The Impact Baby Rescue Center reaches out to these desperate and hopeless women through the following avenues:

Crisis Pregnancy Counseling
Pregnancy and Parenting Help
Registered place of safety
The Baby Rescue Safe

Since the opening in January of 2013 The Baby Rescue Center has handled numerous cases with the heart to care for these young babies while providing opportunities to protect them in their state of abandonment and counseling numerous young desperate women. We have also expanded into two additional locations, which have expanded our reach to three baby boxes throughout the city of Johannesburg.

Support & Sponsor

Impact Baby Rescue is committed to being an advocate that will intervene on behalf of these desperate young mothers and their precious babies in order to ensure the best future for their children, while rescuing and preventing babies from being abandoned. We are compelled to use every opportunity, gift and talent entrusted to us to fulfill this mission, but we need your help. Our opportunities are increasing and the need for active partners is crucial to fulfill this mandate. Your financial partnership plays a vital role in successfully accomplishing this daunting, but yet exciting task.

Impact Baby Rescue is totally supported from gifts and sponsorships of generous individuals, businesses and friends. Every gift helps to extend its reach into the lives of many more hopeless women and abandoned babies. Together we will be able to impact these desperate and vulnerable lives by giving them a beacon of hope through the darkness.

Your investment is needed to help gain funding for the following:

  • Awareness and prevention presentations
  • Awareness fliers
  • Transportation
  • Help support an African staff member who assists us in awareness presentations and baby care

We ask that today you would invest and help us expand the existing programs and facility. This will make an impact through present and future generations of South Africans. Please email us at for information on how you can join us in rescuing and preventing abandoned babies.

Services Offered

It is the goal of the center to rescue abandoned babies while also reaching out to pregnant women and new mothers through the programs below. We will also raise awareness about abstinence and pregnancy prevention, educating the young women on their value and self worth while warning them of the risks involved with pre-marital sex, such as HIV, AIDs, and STD’s.

The Impact Baby Rescue Center reaches out to desperate and hopeless women within these destitute communities in the following ways:

Crisis Pregnancy Counselling

It is our desire to assist in the prevention of babies being abandoned through counseling with mothers who have an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy and are contemplating aborting or abandoning their baby. We will counsel and encourage them concerning all the obstacles they face with the ideal hope that they decide to keep their baby. We will also educate them on all the life-saving alternatives if in the end they decide they do not want their baby.

Pregnancy and Parenting Help

A main contributor to the numerous challenges mothers’ face, which causes them to abandon their baby, is due to the lack of training and education available to them. Therefore, we will provide prenatal, postnatal and parenting counseling and training classes that will equip and enable parents to properly care for their newborn baby. Furthermore, we desire to build relationships with the families who come to us, so that when their child is of age to attend preschool we can continue to journey with them, especially if at our Impact Kids Preschool.

A Registered Place of Safety

The Impact Baby Rescue Center as well as all involved staff have gone through an extensive application and interview process in order to become legally registered as Foster Parents (what is known in South Africa as a registered place of safety). This allows us to legally care for any abandoned babies that come through the center for the few days it takes to sort the details of their case and locate a longer-term Baby Home for them to be placed in until their adoption.

The Baby Rescue Bin

The Baby Safe is open and available 24/7 so that desperate mothers can now anonymously leave their baby safely inside. Previously their only alternative within the community was a trashcan or portable toilet. We have installed the Baby Safe in the side of the wall of our Rescue Center and once a baby is placed inside a sensor is triggered which sets off an alarm in the house where staff are onsite all the time. Therefore, we are enabled to immediately respond to any babies placed in the safe and then safely welcome them into our loving arms. Once rescued, as soon as possible the baby will be transferred to our partnering Baby Homes throughout the city where they are cared for until they are either locally or internationally adopted into their forever family.

Through these avenues Impact Africa is committed to being an advocate that will intervene on behalf of these desperate young mothers and their precious babies in order to ensure the best future for their children, while rescuing and preventing babies from being abandoned.

Strategic Partners

We have built strong partnerships within the city of Johannesburg as well as right within the community of Diepsloot. It is our heart to work together with the government and community leaders, so that we can maximize our impact to prevent and rescue as many babies as possible from being abandoned.

We have developed strategic partnerships with the following:

Local Police, Fire and Ambulance Stations: On a regular basis they find abandoned babies, but had nowhere to bring them. Since the development of our partnership we have become their first point of contact when they discover an abandoned baby. They have also made themselves available to us for needs that we may have concerning any baby rescue cases.

Local Clinics and Hospitals: Within the community and around the city we have developed strong relationships with various clinics and hospitals in order to raise awareness of our programs with all patients. Furthermore, they will also contact us if they have received an abandoned baby or are aware of any crisis pregnancy cases.

Department of Social Development: We have developed great credibility with the South African government and their social workers. They will refer cases of abandonment to us as those are their greatest challenge and we will refer cases to them that involved neglect or where the family is still involved.

The City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality: We have the support of local government and community leaders and will continue to partner with them so that we can continue to successfully raise awareness of the center within the community.