Engage, Equip, Energize

Through our Impact Students branch, we have an open door to reach out to the youth of South Africa by working with public schools who have asked us to come teach their Life Orientation class on a weekly basis.

During our time in the classroom we reach the students where they are at through an aggressive force of prevention. Through Multi-Media content we walk the students through issues that they face on a daily basis, such as drugs, alcohol, sex, abortion and suicide. Not only do we tackle these issues head on, but we also provide the students with the resources and knowledge for them to make wise decisions for their body and future.

A snapshot of Impact Students:

Relevant and powerful School assembly programs.

6-12 week Course Modules at multiple schools.

Long-term relationships built with schools and students.

2,000+ students impacted weekly.

Field Trips: Overnight hikes and Short-term mission trips.

Leadership Training weekends.

Training and equipping local Africans as student leaders and life coaches.

Through our personal approach, we have seen atmospheres of schools shift, students confiding in us with their family struggles, and an average 75-80% reciprocity rate with each lesson.

Ultimately, Impact Students exposes students to their unique identity in Christ through our hands-on and relational curriculum.