Teaching People | Changing A Nation
Reaching A Continent


We are practically and tangibly making a massive impact through a variety of ministry outlets through our five main branches of the ministry. Our goal is to help create a deeper understanding of biblical teachings that empower nationals to live a fulfilled, productive Christian life.

Activate, Assist, and Advance

Join us on a short-term mission trip!  Whether you come as an individual or bring a group you will impact the lives of some of South Africa’s poorest through a hands-on ministry experience, which may include house to house evangelism, children’s programs, service projects and more. Each trip is customized and designed specifically for the strengths and talents of each group so that ministry is most effective. You will be plugged into our long-term evangelism strategies so that your short-term trip will have a long-term impact!

We have hosted teams from The World Race, Oral Roberts University, China Student Groups, and Churches from Europe, Asia and North America. Now we want to invite you and/or your group to join us!

Discover, Experience, and Advance

Impact ME (Missions Experience) is an on-the-field; 6 to 12 month, mission experience that gives participants tangible ministry training. We develop young adults to discover God’s calling and advance the Gospel through a real life mission experience.

This missions experience will be the initial training to prepare you for living a successful life of missions as a condition of your heart!

You will grow together with like-minded individuals through cross-cultural outreach, missions and leadership classes, and a number of other ministry opportunities.

Impact ME Testimonies

Prevention, Rescue, and Life-long Family Care

Every day, 3 infants are abandoned on the streets of Johannesburg. The Impact Africa Baby Rescue Center exists not only to rescue unwanted babies with our baby rescue dropbox, but to help desperate young mothers through crisis pregnancy help and counseling.

Impact Baby is saving the young lives abandoned on the streets. It also restores hope and dignity to young mothers through abstinence and pregnancy prevention awareness, warning them of the risks involved with pre-marital sex, such as HIV, AIDs, and STD’s.

The Impact Baby Rescue Center is committed to holistic Christian outreach through the following methods:

Crisis Pregnancy Counselling

We help prevent baby abandonment by counseling desperate young mothers who have an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. We educate them about the life-saving alternatives to discarding unwanted children.

Pregnancy and Parenting Help
We provide prenatal, postnatal, and parenting counseling and training classes that help equip and enable young parents to properly care for their newborn baby. As relationship with these parents are built, lives are transformed.
A Registered Place of Safety

All our staff are registered as legal foster parents, which allows us to exist as a registered place of safety. When babies are placed in our baby dropbox, Impact Africa cares for them until they are legally cleared for an adoption process.

The Baby Rescue Bin

The Baby Safe is open 24/7 for desperate mothers to anonymously leave their babies safely inside. Once rescued, the child is transferred to our partnering baby homes where they are cared for until they are adopted into a loving family.

Enroll, Educate, and Empower

The goal of Impact Kids is to reach and educate the underprivileged, orphaned and at risk children, with quality, caring Christian education.

Impact Kids Preschool has become a successful reproducible African model. These schools are a prime example of NGO’s, local churches, corporate businesses and communities working together to create a solution to these devastating circumstances of Southern Africa.

Education of the young is imperative and an investment in the future of a community, a people group, and ultimately an entire country. Impact Kids is a place of refuge, love and hope for children where they receive quality education in a stable and safe learning environment.


We are reaching the youth of South Africa by working with public schools. We reach these students through preventative measures, addressing relevant issues like drugs, alcohol, sex, abortion, and suicide. Not only do we tackle these issues head on, but we also provide the students with the resources and knowledge for them to make wise decisions for their body and future.

Impact Students is a catalyst provoking South African youth away from addictions and equipping them with exposure to transformational life in Christ.